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BFree Sports are committed to providing high quality coaching in schools and communities across the South East of England.
We are a professional qualified sports coaching company who deliver the PE curriculum,
as well as non-competitive, inclusion focused sports clubs.


who we are

We are committed to providing high quality coaching in schools and communities across the South East of England

We are a professional qualified sports coaching company who deliver the PE curriculum, as well as non-competitive, inclusion focused sports clubs. We believe that through sport we can help young people to gain discipline and give them the life skills they need to become confident young people

why choose us

We aim to improve skills, be consistent, give back and make a difference.

Every child receives a high level of sports coaching with combining a holistic approach ensuring children spend time in a rich, positive-language filled environment, where confidence is boosted and a sense of belonging actively encouraged.


Ciro donadio

Sport has been my calling; my best friends I’ve met through sport. When we deliver sports to children, we want them to feel at ease and relaxed too. A big thing for my company is to be inclusive; we hope that by working with children throughout the year that anyone who doesn’t usually engage with sport won’t be left sitting on the bench, but instead will get involved and enjoy themselves


I’ve been coaching for 10 years. Ive spent the last 7 years delivering PPA cover in primary schools all over South London. The reason I got involved in coaching and working with young people was because I know how important sport has been and still is in my life! It gave me a real chance to express myself and has helped develop many important characteristics that aid me in day to day life. I love seeing children empowered, grow in confidence and falling in love with being active. It simply is the most rewarding job on the planet, I wake up every day excited to see how we can help children grow!


I’ve been coaching for a couple of years now. I’ve previously worked in different primary schools delivering sport, working with behaviour and working with children who have special needs. I’ve always had the ambition to work with children especially in sports. Sports have always played a big part in my life, it has helped me physically and mentally to become the person I am today. I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have experience great coaching and I’m so pleased I can pass that on to the next generation. It’s such a rewarding job with seeing how much a child has grown, working with children is the best job in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I have been coaching for 12 years. I love playing sport but I especially love coaching because I have a real passion for sport and I love to give something back to children in helping them develop in sport and life in general. I feel that children are the future and to empower them and guide them down the right path in life is such a powerful thing. Lastly I feel keeping children active is the key to a healthy lifestyle, whilst at the same time having fun and learning!


I have coached in primary schools for 7 years! I love Sport and think it is integral for children to participate in some form, whether it is at a competitive or casual level. It helps build character and can teach us many lessons that can be applied throughout all walks of life. Helping children develop their skills, whether it be technical or social, is incredibly rewarding and there is no other job like it!


I’ve been coaching overall for around 6 years. I started off by doing 1 year of work experience, coaching football. Then I moved on to coaching a different range of sports for another 2 years. Now for the last 3 years I have now moved into delivering PPA cover, after school clubs and lunchtime clubs across many different schools within south/south east London. The main reason I got into coaching was because I know how much I loved playing sports when I was younger and how it has turned me into the person I am today. I continue coaching as it is such a rewarding job to see the children grow and develop in their sports and as a person.

Daniel beecham

Sport has been a constant in my life from playing football to university to coaching. I believe sport embodies many qualities and enriching life skills such as determination, hard-work, togetherness and much more. Now as a coach I choose to use sport as a positive tool to help improve the lives of others. I believe it is integral as coaches to provide the next generation of children with these skills to begin their journeys in sport and in life.


I am extremely passionate about getting young people active from an early age. I have played rugby and cricket from the age of nine and I firmly believe that the physical and mental skills, as well as the crucial life lessons that I’ve learned, have played a huge part in shaping me into the man I am today. I’m committed to delivering fun, engaging and energetic sports sessions and I strive to empower each and every child that I teach or coach.


Awaiting a compelling statement from this dedicated coach


Awaiting a compelling statement from this dedicated coach

Ben Letras

I’ve not been coaching for a long time but in the period I have been I’ve very quickly fallen in love with helping children grow and enjoy everyday as it comes! There’s no feeling as satisfying as putting a smile on a child’s face. I belive in helping kids have fun is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

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After School Clubs

Our after school clubs programme ensures children have fun and socialise with others. We encourage girls and boys to try new sports to build confidence and unearth hidden talents and gifts. We offer a range of sports at our after-school clubs , depending on the requirements of your school. We are also flexible to provide any other sports that the school may request.

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Holiday Clubs

We deliver multisport camps for boys and girl aged 4-11 years old in the half term holidays. We offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor sports and activities such as Dodgeball, Tag rugby Netball, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Rounders, Athletics, Outdoor Adventures and Team Games. Our day camps run from 9am-3pm, and the young people have a chance to win prizes, medals, and certificates. Children will be grouped by school year and activities are tailored specifically to cater for the relevant age category. Most importantly we want the young people to have a fun experience and have the opportunity to socialise with other young people in their local community. We have seen insecurities disappear as friendships develop, children learn independence and most of all self confidence and a positive self image emerging as children receive recognition and encouragement from all their peers and our staff.

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Birthday Parties

We know how to party! We run a great range of sports-themed birthday parties for children of ages 4-11, including Football parties, multi sports parties.We provide all the equipment and our experienced coaches run action-packed, high-energy parties focusing on inclusion, value for money and above all, FUN! You can have sport-specific or multi-sport parties but whatever you choose, we guarantee each child will have a blast, they will take part in all the different activities and they will go home exhausted but happy!Birthday parties package football or multi sports starting from £100.00, please enquire for more information.

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P.E. PPA Cover

We believe in the significance of well-structured PE sessions and the role of a consistent PE teacher in a child’s life from reception to adult life. Therefore, we offer the following;

• A full year of lesson plans, a curriculum map for the year, mid-term plans to inform teachers of each year group what their pupils are being taught in PE

• Formative and summative assessment of the children against national averages

• Lessons are curriculum based, taught in a fun way, whilst teaching life skills through sport. We also incorporate the school’s ethos and values and tailor them into our life skills lessons

• Systematic teaching format, using phrases that are known by the children already i.e. “WALT, Steps for Success, WILF, etc.”
• Drawing alongside students with IEP’s and differentiated lesson plans to help meet their personal goals.


Saturday Football Club

The sessions will include skills-based drills,mini matches, penalty shootouts, fun games and competitions. We aim for the sessions to build confidence and most importantly, our main goal is that your child learns new skills and enjoys the football club.
Every week, we will play fun games during the warm-up and we will try to fit in specific activities at the end of the session, where they can implement what they have learned!

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Clare Hawker

"From the first day that we started working with BFree Sports we have been genuinely impressed with the quality of provision. Our pupils enjoy the many extracurricular clubs that BFree provide and we have a number of children that now benefit from the selection of holiday camps that we are now able to offer. BFree's flexibility, friendly approach and attention to detail is to be commended."

Alice Murray

"My 4 yr old son has just attended the Multi sports camp in half term. He absolutely loved it. It’s given him a good confidence boost. What a great idea! He will be coming back again."

Becci Parish

"BFree Sports is not only run by highly skilled and well trained sports coaches but by people who care and want to bring out the best in every child that they teach. They are focused on developing the whole child, from self esteem, team work and resilience to specific sport skills. I have never felt more confident about the ethos behind a children's club."