Proudly introducing BFree Sports Ltd

Proudly introducing BFreeSports Ltd. Our company name reflects our core message, Be Free Through Sports;giving us an identity to further develop and strengthen our services within the community, empowering more children with our unique approach to sports coaching.

Ciro Donadio is the man behind BFree Sports Ltd; Following a successful career as a PE Coach, Ciro co-created his own sports coaching company with a friend in 2016, where they worked tirelessly to grow their business. Ciro knew that the time was right to strikeout on his own; ready to begin a new chapter holding a clear vision for the future.

BFree Sports Ltd begins their journey this month, starting with a new website launch, brand new uniform and ideas for the future being discussed.

Ciro says,”The reason I chose the name BFree was because for me when I play sports, that is my release. Sport has been my calling; my best friends I’ve met through sport. When we deliver sports to children, we want them to feel at ease and relaxed too. A big thing for my company is to be inclusive; we hope that by working with children throughout the year that anyone who doesn’t usually engage with sport won’t be left sitting on the bench, but instead will get involved and enjoy themselves.”

BFree Core Beliefs:

The vision is to work with more children, delivering the same quality of sports coaching across more schools, building self-esteem and a positive sports ethic.

BFree Sports Ltd understand that it starts with the coaches acting as positive role models in young people’s lives, being a consistent and encouraging presence. They know from experience that sport can be used to build social harmony and engender a vibrant community spirit, offering a safe place to expend energy and instil a sense of belonging. Sport can hold the key to offering young people focus, keeping them out of trouble, hoping to create social unity that crosses race, culture, religion and social class.

Bfree Coaches bring energy and passion to every session. Ciro and his team of coaches at BFree are all on the same wavelength; with all of them working tirelessly to empower the children through sports and structured activities.

Ciro further explains, “My coaches all have the same passion and energy that I do, in wanting to make a positive difference in the life of children through sports. I’m proud to introduce you to the team and look forward to starting a coaches video blog soon.”

BFree Sports believe in listening to the children and putting them at the heart of their decision making, which goes hand in hand with the company’s aim to give back to their community.

Donating funds towards educational projects is commonplace, as well as innovative initiatives like their Summer program called ‘Fit ‘n’ Fed, where they teamed up with a local caterer to provide sports activities and a hot meal to children in Croydon during the holidays.

Pupil‘s remain enthusiastic, with children loving working with both groups in school and in holiday clubs:

BFree Sports use their monthly values as a platform to give a consistent, positive approach in the lives of our young people, they are making a fantastic contribution to the fabric of their community which is invaluable and definitely should be celebrated, understanding that concentrating on the small gestures creates a much larger ripple effect.

Quote: “The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you are the best. Especially when you are the best.” James Kerr, Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life

September has started with a transformation, but the energy and passion surrounding establishing BFree Sports Ltd has ensured a smooth transition. The first chapter is being written in a brand new exciting book, where positively is strong and successful steps by the whole team are already being taken. Led by Ciro, BFree continues to match action to their plan for the future. The road ahead looked bright and we’re looking forward to sharing their journey with you on their regular blog posts and social media.